Know Your Rights

Here’s an overview of your rights when recovering from identity theft. You’ll find detailed advice about how to exercise these rights under “What To Do Right Away” and “What To Do Next.”

If someone steals your identity, you have the right to:

Documenting the Theft

You have the right to create an identity theft report. Your identity theft report proves to businesses that someone stole your identity, and makes it easier to correct problems caused by identity theft.

The report consists of your FTC Identity Theft Affidavit and a police report.

Identity Theft Affidavit plus Police Report equals Identity Theft Report

Working with Credit Bureaus

You have the right to:

Communicating with Creditors and Debt Collectors

You have the right to:

Limits on Financial Losses

You have limited liability for fraudulent debts caused by identity theft.

Other Federal Rights

Under the Justice for All Act, you have additional rights when the identity thief is criminally prosecuted in federal court. You have the right to:

State Rights

In many states, businesses or organizations that lose or misplace certain types of personal information must tell you if that has happened. To learn more, check with your state and local consumer protection offices.